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Best Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery digitizing involves using a personal computer, an embroidery sewing machine, and a special digitizing software application. Using digitizing software install on your personal computer, you can transfer a embroidery design into one which can be embroidered.
Embroidery digitizing or embroidery punching is the process of converting artwork into digital data that tells a computerized embroidery machine how to move during the embroidery process.
There are two different forms of machine embroidery patterns. The first kind is patterns that have previously been loaded. Thus this kind is easy to produce and of course will be those that will be easiest to get used to.
Once you have your basic design digitized, you then have to spend time with the special software tools tweaking out the embroidery design so that it will look good once your embroidery machine embroiders it. To be successful with embroidery digitizing software you must be an experienced sewer and knowledgeable of the various types of fabrics on the market. You should be able to digitize on your computer screen by being able to control scaling, match components to the onscreen grids, zoom in and zoom out, and pan from one area of a design to another. Another important thing you want to have in your digitizing software is the ability to see the true thread colors both on your computer monitor and on your color printer.
As you can see, computer digitized embroidery is not a simple process. With a little practice and experience you can fine tune your skills to create beautiful embroidery designs.
Processes performed after embroidery digitizing is complete. Includes trimming loose threads, cutting or tearing away excess backing, removing topping, cleaning any stains, pressing or steaming to remove wrinkles or hoop marks and packaging for sale or shipment.
The sort of patterns that may be used may vary. For instance there are general patterns used for diverse types of letters that are available in a great number of fonts. You will find however, that when the machine was made these fonts were probably already loaded for you. If not, you may load them through the external media appliance already mentioned.


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