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Digitizing Small Lettering

Small lettering is a common issue and a lot of digitizers fall into problems with them. They normally occur while digitizing logos, patches or any small sized keyboard lettering embroidery.

We used to get a lot of complaints that the lettering is not readable or just too small to stitch out.. even the letter e looks like a blob of thread. After experimenting i found some tips that may help you:

Keep the letting size above 3.2+ Don't go below 3.2mm height.
If you are, don't use the Serifs Font, it never comes out good.
The smaller the lettering, the lower the density it should have.
Too high density will give you thread breaks.
Add center run underlay while dealing with small lettering having column width of 1.0mm or less.

After all these are a few key points, Like always, everything comes with experience. Settings are different on different fabrics and fonts.
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